Saturday, October 16, 2010

Third Home Study Meeting

We had our third and final Home Study meeting this week.  Our social worker came to our house to inspect it, and she also met Brody for the first time.  The first thing he asked her at the door is, "Did you bring me a baby?"  He makes me laugh so much.  Since Brody is only four years old, he does not have to be interviewed.  She did ask several questions about Brody.  It's always fun to get asked to describe Brody...."He is just a big ball of energy who loves to run and play.  He enjoys life, and he is an excellent problem solver."  Brody told her that he wanted a baby brother.  After being asked some more questions about our family, we gave her a tour of our home.  I must admit I was a little nervous at someone looking at every inch of our house.  A house says a lot about your family, and I hoped she found it a warm and inviting place.  Brody gladly showed her what he calls "The Baby's Room."  We have a crib set up, but there are no decorations yet.  We will decorate it once we get a child referral.   I get excited just thinking about it.  Our social worker should be finished with her report by the beginning of next week.  She will turn it into her agency who will then turn it into our adoption agency.  All home study paperwork should be complete by the beginning of November.