Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Negative and a Positive

The Brices in the Bahamas

I like to write about good things so when I stay silent for a while it's typically because I don't like the current situation.  Life is filled with ups and downs, and an adoption is not an exception to that rule. I kept putting off posting an update because I hoped the situation would resolve quickly.  As of the moment, it looks like getting AJ home is going to take a while.  Having him home in 2013 is pretty much impossible.  We are still under the impression we have our S^RA approval however they have managed to somehow put a hold on it.  In fact there are many families, who are stuck in the process.  And while I could probably write a whole book on what's going on right now, a short way to put this is there are two different interpretations to a law.  So we will have to wait until it is resolved before we can move forward.  This may have to be resolved in high court against the state which we have no idea what that would be like or how long it will take.  We feel very blessed at how supportive the orphanage has been. There is not a doubt at how much they care about the children there.  C^RA has been very supportive too, and they have been trying to take care of the conflict as well.  We will patiently wait for an answer.  We ask you to please pray for AJ's case anytime we come to your mind.  He is already a loved little boy by many people.  Thank you family and friends who have been encouraging us.  Your sweet words give this mama's heart comfort. 

Because I like something to be positive, here are few of my favorite photos from this summer!
 We truly did have a great summer!