Friday, April 15, 2016

Two Years Home From India

We are celebrating two years home from India! Two years? For us, it seems like he has always been a part of our family. We are extremely thankful we have AJ. He brings great excitement into our family. 

AJ still loves all things Disney. While Mickey will always be his pal, he loves R2D2 now days. Stars Wars is so much fun to him. It looks like we will be having a Stars Wars birthday celebration soon! Last week AJ got to go to the movies to see Zootopia. He liked all the animals, but he really liked dancing to the song "Try Everything." That song reminds me of AJ tremendously! 

"I won't give up, no I won't give in
Til I reach the end and then I'll start again
No I won't leave, I wanna try everything"

Our adventurous son loves to try everything!

Anirudha James, we love you sweet boy! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Update

Happy New Year from the Brice Family! 
We've had a great 2015, and we can't wait to see what this year holds. Here is an A.J. update. A.J. is growing and thriving. Attachment and trust increase each month. I love all his sweet hugs! And he has such an awesome smile!!! He is very sneaky about getting into candy or cookies, and he grins so much when he gets caught. He keeps us on our toes as he can find mischief easily. His laugh is contagious. You can't help but to giggle with him. Home life is good. He tends to get nervous and shy when we're outside of home. It takes time for him to warm up to new people. He is developmentally delayed in most areas, but he tries very hard to do things. He is currently in speech and occupational therapy. Most of the time he participates in therapy well, but if he's not interested then it's difficult to work with him. I understand his need to shut down at times as I'm sure it's very frustrating not to be able to express himself. Most days are good, but his bad days are epic. Having bad days is actually really healthy because I know he now feels like he has the freedom and feels comfortable with me to be that way. AJ still loves Mickey Mouse. Our favorite family moment of the year was taking the boys to Disney World and watching AJ meet Mickey. This sappy mama here got teary eyed seeing AJ so happy with his pal Mickey. I will treasure that memory always! 
    2016 holds just a lot of regular, normal days. We continue to keep life simple. Laughter is a daily goal! This is AJ's kindergarten school year, and we are enjoying watching him learn new things. He asks daily about going to the pool, and I know he is ready for warm weather. Sweet boy likes to swim! I'm ready for warm weather too. Until summer, we're going to cuddle up with a lot of good books.