Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Has Ended

Blogging during the summer just never happens. Between traveling and hanging out by a pool, there is not a lot of time for electronics. I like it that way too! Summer is my favorite time of the year because of the long, hot days.  I enjoy every minute of June, July, and August. Having AJ home made the summer even more sweeter. Speaking of sweet AJ enjoyed all the ice cream and watermelon that summer brings. He calls all desserts "Happy Birthday" so you could say we've celebrated a lot of birthdays these past three months. I say we're just celebrating life! Summer trips included the beach, aquariums, zoos, Alabama to visit my family, Louisiana to visit Ryan's family, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. AJ is not a fan of long car rides, but he does enjoy visiting new places once he gets there. My favorite thing that happened over the past few months was watching AJ learn to like water. He started off only putting his feet in a pool, and by the end of summer he was jumping into the pool by himself.  It was fun to watch his confidence grow!

Summer has ended, and it's time to see the joys Fall brings. Time for routines and schedules and the fun of school!