Tuesday, June 5, 2012

B's Little Hearts and Our Fingerprints

Brody- family of five, please!
Brody decided to "make something" a couple of weeks of ago.  This is a strange request for him because he does not like to do crafts.  But he got out paper, crayons, and scissors to start his project.  He made five hearts with smiling faces.  Brody said, "That's daddy, you, me, and the babies from India." Who knew little paper hearts could be so encouraging?

As always when talking about "his babies," he says, "I love THEM so much!"
Now we are only planning on adopting one child from India, although we would be DELIGHTED to adopt two children.  Brody made up his mind from the beginning that he was getting two babies.  Some days I find myself believing him...like when my car broke back in January, and we had to buy another vehicle.  We went ahead and brought a van to hold several children.  I keep hoping his family of five dream comes true!  Who am I kidding, I hope for Brice, Party of 7!

So what's new with our adoption?  Not much!  We had our biometrics appointment this morning.  They took our fingerprints, AGAIN!  While it has been disappointing to do all of our paperwork again, at least we can say we are completely update.  We've done as much as we can, and we will continue to wait.  We hope to hear something soon, even if it's just "hey, we got your paperwork."  Praying for even the tiniest bit of good news!

Brody is very ready for a brother or sister.  He says Maggie does not count as his sister.