Friday, February 14, 2014


It's been the sweetest week!  We have been celebrating our written court order making Anirudha James Brice officially our son.  We can't wait to go get him very soon!  Today is Valentine's Day which I like to call the Day of Sweetness.  This one seems extra sweet because of the celebrating of AJ and being snowed in together.  We keep talking about what would AJ think of all this snow.  In fact every conversation ends up being about AJ.  FUN!
What would he think about this food?
Do you think he would like this in his room?
I wonder if this shirt will fit him?
Can we get another one of these toys for AJ?
One of these kids could end up being Anirudha's best friend!

While he has already worked his way in our hearts, it's been nice to actually start working him into our lives.  We have been getting his room ready.  Ryan has spent hours working on travel arrangements.  We been talking about how to make him comfortable at home.  Brody is talking about all the things he can show AJ this summer like the pool, the ocean, the zoo, the museum, the library, etc.  It's a joy to make plans for AJ and to do things for him!  Seriously, to finally be able to do things for our son is the coolest thing!

Ever have a dessert so sweet you didn't know how to handle it?  That's what our life is like right now!  Pure sweetness!  We have been amazed at how great family and friends have been to us with their words of encouragement and excitement.  They are just too sweet!