Saturday, September 17, 2011

Updating Our Health Examination

With our dossier being mailed to India on September 30th, we are making sure all paperwork is updated.  That meant doing our health examination over again.  Ours was done in July 2010 so the paperwork was over a year old.  Bummer!  I don't mind seeing our doctor, but I do mind having a needle stick me.  The lab tests are AIDS test, Tuberculin test, and RPR (VDRL) test.  The rest of the examination is a breeze.  Answering questions, me just chatting, is easy.  So once again, we've got that checked off our list!

We've been asked a lot lately about updates or news on the adoption, and there has not been much to tell.  All I know is that on October 1st our dossier will be in India.  All of our paperwork has been sitting in Tulsa for months, and I'm just happy it will finally make it to India.  We are looking forward to a day when we can give our family and friends some actual news...and good news too! 

Any other families redoing paperwork lately?   :o)

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  1. We haven't had to update paperwork yet -- our Dossier is in India...but I'm waiting for the call... I think it made it in under the timeline, but still always wonder :) Do you have a referral yet? Just wondering. It does seem like the India program is smooth and quicker than many others..... hang in there... God's timing is perfect in all things. Renae