Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Step Closer

We were assigned to an orphanage this week!!! We are excited, and we are praying the orphanage accepts us. The orphanage has the right to decline our family so I don't want to get my hopes up thinking this is it. We should hear if we are accepted or declined by them in a few weeks.

So where could our child be???

In Orissa, India

Being assigned to an orphanage is one step closer to being matched with a child. One step closer to seeing a picture of a beautiful face. One step closer to hearing a name that will forever change our lives. One step closer...

Hoping to update again soon...with good news!!!


  1. SO, SO happy to hear this news! I've been holding my breath, waiting for families to "out" themselves, and hoping that ALL of us heard good news. We've been doing a lot of web surfing about our city, and praying like crazy that the orphanage doesn't refuse us!!! We will add your family to those prayers!
    (Anya Rashi's mama)

  2. Nancy, I'm thrilled for you guys too! I debated for a couple of days whether to post or not. After hearing about the other sweet family being refused, I was scared to share our good news. I decided whether this be the orphanage we work with or we wait to be assigned to another one, adoption is still a good thing and should be shared in all moments. So if I post in a few weeks heartbroken, that will be good too. It just means God has a different plan for our family. I pray He will close and open doors that are right for our family. Praying hard and we are praying for your family as well. We are very thankful today, and we will be thankful tomorrow no matter what comes our way!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious! I am soooo excited for you! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

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  4. Oh how great rejoicing with you:) Gidget Home with Maiya since May 2010 from Kolkata

  5. Hi Cristy,
    My husband and I are also in process of adopting from India.
    So very glad to see your blog and your progress.
    We are not yet registered with CARA. Hoping for this month or next. At times it seems very difficult process and it is very difficult to keep calm with all the unnecessary bureaucratic delays. With the new system it is bit difficult to get advice. Is it possible to contact you with doubts regarding the process?
    With warm regards

  6. Hello Aditi! Congratulations on adopting! I love chatting with and reading about other families who are adopting. The India process is difficult right now, but so are most adoption processes. I feel like once this new system gets moving it will be very effective. Anything new has a few things that will have to be worked out. We started this process knowing the laws were about to change, and it could take a long time before getting a child. Some days it is hard to wait. I do hope for a child within the year!