Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Christmas in July

Some Christmas joy is going around our house.  Sure it's July, but I a couple of things to celebrate. 

1- Hallmark Ornament Premiere weekend just happened!  Such a fun day!  The Brices loves Hallmark ornaments!!!  AJ's Nanny and Pops are so excited about another grandson, and they were delighted to get him his first Christmas ornaments.  These are first in a series, and I think the Santa Certified train is too cute.  I hope we have AJ by Christmas, but regardless of when he comes home, he is loved and thought of daily.

2- We got pictures of AJ this week!  They are precious.  I can't get enough of his sweet face!  These pictures are an unexpected blessing.  An internet friend who is adopting a child from the same orphanage was there over the weekend visiting her child.  I had emailed this awesome woman to see if she could get a picture of AJ, and she kindly said she would try.  Well, she gave more than I expected.  She emailed many pictures, and she gave information about him.  It was a priceless gift.  I loved reading details of his personality and what his day is like!  We are so thankful to her for taking the time to give us these pictures and information.  So grateful! 

So if you hear me singing Christmas songs, just join on in on our celebration.  It's good to celebrate all gifts...big and small.  


  1. All of your news makes me ready for Christmas and AJ to be here!

  2. Oh, those photos while you're waiting -- such a HUGE blessing!!! I am thrilled that you have some new pictures to stare at . . . and some priceless observations about his personality too! Happy, happy, happy!

  3. So fun to get new photos!!!

  4. I was thinking the exact same thing as Nancy -- unless you have taken this adoption journey, you will never understand how much even ONE photo can mean. So happy for you!!

    1. Any news lately? You have not posted in a while. :)

  5. So glad you were able to connect and receive photos! They are such a gift. Information as well....well that is simply the icing on the top of that already decadent cake!