Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adoption Changes Prayer

I'm amazed at how different my prayers are now that we are adopting a child.  The country of India is always on my mind.  I pray the people there will come to know the Lord.  In a country where Hinduism is so strong, very few people have heard the gospel and what Jesus did for them.  I also pray for the woman who will carry our child and give birth to him or her.  My prayer for her is she is healthy, has food, and a place to stay. Everyday I can't help but to wonder if our child could be born today.  That's such a fun and exciting thought!  I pray our child will be taking care of at the orphanage until we get there, and the many other orphans will find homes.  I pray for God's perfect timing, and that He will give us patience while we wait.  As for our current family, I pray God will prepare us for the needs of our adopted child.  My prayer list seems to grow everyday, and I love it!  Since we have started the adoption, I come across so many people of Indian heritage and things dealing with India.  It gives me just a small hope for the child to come.  Here are some pictures of children from India I really like.

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