Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Process

We have been asked often what is the process for adopting in India, and how long is the wait. Then after stating the wait is 2-3 years, we get asked why it is so long. So here is the India adoption process through Dillon International.
  • Application 1 (approved June 2010)
  • Application 2 (approved July 2010)
  • Families complete a home study (started September 2010-December 2010)
  • Submit their dossier to Dillon International

  • Families will wait approximately 12-24 months for a referral of a child after submitting their dossier to Dillon

  • Families wait another 5 - 7 months after accepting an assignment of a child to receive their child's legal documents authorizing them to receive guardianship

  • Within 1 - 2 months after receiving their child's legal documents, families will travel to receive their child

  • Families must travel to Kolkata (Calcutta) to receive their child

  • Plan for a 1 - 2 day stay in Kolkata (Calcutta) and a 3 - 4 day stay in New Delhi.
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