Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Brody and I making a memory at the Birmingham Zoo

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone

I just wanted to wish all the moms a very Happy Mother's Day.  Being a mom is hard work, but the salary is the best because the reward is pure love. 

It is a joy to be a mother to Brody!  I watch him daily grow and grow into the amazing boy he is.  It's bittersweet to see my baby grow into a little man.  I held a friend's baby recently and as I handed the little bundle of joy back to her mother my chest ached.  I long to be a mother to another baby.  There is just a need inside of me to take care of people.  So as we continue to wait in the adoption, I pray God will allow me love on those in my community around me. 

Adoption update...things a starting to move again in the India adoption world.  We are extremely excited about eight children now being with their forever families.  I have loved reading the blogs of these families, and I have shed some tears of joy over these last few weeks.  It's also exciting to know that there are spots for eight more babies at the orphange.  Our family is #8 on the non-NRI waiting list.  There are six families on the NRI list that come before us so really that makes us like #14 on the waiting list.  The estimated time for a referral is 18-24 months.  That's a long time, but I remain optimistic that things will continue to keep moving making the waiting time a little bit shorter.  I think if God can move mountains then He can move paperwork too.  I chose to be optimistic in everything.  I figure I can always cry later if I need to, but I rather look for the good right now.  While I'm looking at the good, being #8 is better than #10!  It's good to be at a new number.


  1. Happy Mother's Day! The waiting is certainly not easy . . . and I often think of the millions of kids with no family and wonder why it has to take so long. But the end result will be so worth it.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am happy to have another family to follow along in their journey of adoption. YAY, for moving to #8 on the wait list! Good for you in choosing to stay positive. It is so important to celebrate every little step that brings you closer to your baby regardless of how small it may seem. The road of adoption is LONG and difficult at times, but God is faithful. One thing that helped me along the way was to remember that God sees the BIG picture and I am only seeing a sliver of it. At times that sliver is SO HARD and FRUSTRATING, but God is there nonetheless and has perfect timing.

    Blessings to your family as you journey to India,

    April :-)
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