Saturday, March 30, 2013

Special Needs Children

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.  -Helen Keller

Many things in life start off looking kind of rough.  When you only have a puzzle piece or two, it's difficult to see the whole picture.  You don't see a beautiful cake at first, you see a bowl full of flour, eggs, water, and whatever else goes into a cake (apparently, I'm not a baker).  The butterfly starts off as a yucky caterpillar. The wildflower starts out as a tiny brown seed. It takes time to develop into the finish product.

I was asked this week, "why would you want to adopt a special needs child?"  Well, every child deserves a chance to succeed and a have a family. But my biological son Brody is one of the biggest reasons for the desire to adopt a special needs child. He was born three months early weighing 2 lbs. The beginning of his life started off very grim. Had he been an orphan and families were reading his medical records, there would have probably been a lot of "no, thank you's."
Sitting in the waiting room outside of the NICU for many weeks, I saw children being given up because "it's too hard," "we want a normal baby," etc. So many times I've thought about my precious Brody in regards of what if he had been born into another family.  Would they have wanted the challenge of a difficult beginning? Would he have been loved just as he was, but also given every opportunity to overcome his circumstances?  Just the thought of someone not wanting him, breaks my heart.  He has been a delight every "ounce" of the way. Has it been easy, no. Has it been worth it, yes Yes YES!  He is what makes me want another child with special needs.

Brody is about to turn seven in a couple of days, and most people would never know the rough start he had.  He is miracle! I was told he would never live a "normal" life. Brody proved him wrong! Does every child have this success story? Sadly, no. But wouldn't it be great if every child got the opportunity to be love and cared for?!?!  It's ok to be nervous when thinking about adding a child with special needs into your family.  Those big medical terms and procedures are overwhelming.  Just remember it's just the beginning of that's child doesn't have to be their ending. Love does amazing things! 
Happy Birthday Ryan and Brody!


  1. I was extremely moved by your touching blog entry today.

  2. Beautiful! We've been asked by family/warned about the unknown medical history, potential drug use, etc. of our adopted children . . . But I just laugh, because our own genetic/family histories don't look that great either!!! Love your heart, and your appreciation for your children's rough starts.