Monday, April 8, 2013

An Update


An Easter picture of Brody smiling.

Spring is here, and I figured it was time for a small update.  A little good news and bad news.

The Bad

Did you hear a loud sigh last week?  I'm sure it was heard around the world.  It was me.  A frustrated me!  We got the email and letter saying your current I-797 expires in September.  You must file your I-800A,  Supplement 3 along with home study update with USCIS...yadda yadda yadda.  For my non-adoption peeps, this means
1- lots of paperwork
2- fingerprints
3- medical examinations
4- Home Study update (me being paranoid that my house is spotless)
5- Basically lots and lots and lots and lots of George Washington's. Well, it's more like Benjamin Franklin.

It's just a big headache!  I headache that we've done before and renewed.  But hey, third time's a charm! Right?  If I click the paperwork three times and repeat, "There's no place like home," this is going to happen.  Right?  Feel free to add more encouraging "three times."

So awesome friends who love writing reference letters for the Brice family, be prepared!  Doctors, you will be seeing us soon!  God, we continue to pray for your provision!!!

The Good

When we set out on this adoption journey several years ago, we wanted a special needs child.  However when we were registered in the new system, we were placed in the "normal" track. I was disappointed, but I prayed God would be in control of placing the child who needed to be in our family.  Normal or special needs we would love and be very grateful for a child. 

Back in February at the BIG CONFERENCE, agencies were able to voice concerns. One being about special needs children and there being families who really wanted those children.  Long story told short- our agency is able to place 3 special needs children at a time now.  Woot!  Woot!  This excitement out weighs my bad sigh earlier. 

What does that mean for us you ask? It means maybe we can have a child sooner than we thought!  It takes years to be matched with a healthy baby.  Our heart's desire is a special needs child (noticed I didn't say baby).  We have been in this process a long time and that does put us higher on the waiting list for one of these children. Maybe 2013 will be our year after all.  Maybe.  I will remain optimistic and in prayer!  So if you hear a loud squeal of delight, heard all over the world I'm sure, it will be me.  It's will be a very happy me!  It will be me...a mom again! 


  1. Oh, I pray that it will be much sooner than you have expected! Soon, Lord, soon!!!

  2. Oh, those dreaded renewals! Those kind of reminders are not helpful while waiting . . . but I am hoping and praying that you hear news about your child/ren soon.

  3. Cristy, I am praying that this is the year for all of us - for Nancy too!! We are waiting in the special needs India line as well and I have not been a good "waiter". I am scared to death that our USCIS paperwork will expire before we can finish our adoption. We barely passed with a lot of extra paperwork and addendums the first time around and our financial situation certainly has not improved since then. What if they say no this time? But what if this is our year and ALL of us will be in India this year and be mommies again!!!!!

    Praying that the paperwork goes smoothly for you and that good news comes your way quickly!