Monday, April 15, 2013

Brody is a Big Brother!!!

One happy kid!

Friday was the day!  It's been a long wait for this very special day, but our day has finally arrived. We are matched with a child!!!!

One of the most beautiful children I have ever seen!  Just gorgeous!  Can you tell I'm a mama again?  But seriously, our child is stunning. Cute as pie I tell you!  I saw those big dark eyes, and I was smitten.  Ryan warned me ahead of time to keep an open mind and not get wrapped up in that beautiful face. But Ryan knows me too well because my heart was captured the moment I saw the picture. I knew instantly this child was ours. 

I know you're all ready to find out if it's a boy or girl or one or two.  But hey, I've waited years for this so you can wait a couple of paragraphs.

How it happened
The amazing Jynger is what happened!  I wish all adoptive parents had a wonderful adoption agent like us.  She is a blessing!  Jynger is always on top of things.  So when India said our agency could match 3 special needs children at a time, she got to work. Our family, as well as several other families, received an email asking if we were interested in this child.  We looked up a few medical terms and within ten minutes said yes we were interested.  Not knowing if the people ahead of us on the list were interested too, we headed out on vacation for spring break.  Little did we know Jynger contacted the orphanage that week to 1) make sure the child was available for adoption 2) give our family's information to see if the orphanage would work with us.  I'm so glad she did this.  It would have been heartbreaking to learn we were the family and then it did not work out.  So it was a complete surprise last week to get the email.  We received the email on Wednesday and prayed about it. Thursday morning we had a medical professional look at the paperwork.  13 pages of information which is totally unheard of.  By lunch we said "YES!" Then we waited to hear back on the verbal "yes" from the orphanage. I could not believe by Friday morning we heard back from them. It's a YES from everybody! They are working on sending us more information and papers to sign.  Hopefully we will be an official, "official" match in a couple of weeks when we sign on the dotted line.  They did receive our dossier today!

How we told Brody
Brody has wanted nothing more than to be a big brother.  He takes great delight in babies.  So we were a little concerned about how he would respond to getting a toddler instead. Knowing Brody loves looking at pictures of children, Ryan called him over to the couch and said, "Come look at this kid." Brody dashes over.

Brody, "Who's this?"
Ryan, "What do you think?"
Brody, "Ooo, it's a cobbler."
Ryan, "A what?"
Brody, "You know, a cobbler."
Ryan, "You mean a toddler. Well, what do you think?"
Brody, "So cute! Who is he?"
Ryan, "He's your brother."

It's a boy!

We have another beautiful son!  We could not be any happier!  Brody loves him already too.  His picture has gotten lots of hugs and kisses from Brody. 

 We are now working with an orphanage in the State of Maharashtra, India. 
At this time it's best to not share a lot of details, but their website is amazing! It was good to see it.
We are very thankful for our child to be there in such good hands.
Of course, I can hardly wait to have him in my own hands!
Once we have official paperwork signed, we'll be able to post information about the orphanage.

It's a day of celebration! We are delighted to share with family and friends our good news.  I love sharing about my son, and I am looking forward to sharing more and more about him in the days ahead.  It was also too much fun listening to Brody tell his classmates this morning that he is now a big brother.  Brody's dream came true! We are just all smiles!  Thankful for Big Bro and Little Bro!!!

We would like to thank all of our encouragers over the years.  Those you who kept saying this day would happen.  Your kind and thoughtful words have meant a lot.  Thank you also to those of you who prayed for our family and little boy.  We still need your prayers.  There is a precious face to look at now. We want him home badly.  Pray all of his paperwork, court dates, and passport goes through as smoothly and quickly as possible.  If God can move mountains, He can move paperwork!


  1. Oh Cristy, this is absolutely WONDERFUL news!!!! I'm so happy for your family!!!

  2. Cristy! What wonderful news! This is such a nice way to start the week.
    I have a question for you. Could you email me privately?


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  4. Congratulations! That is awesome news! Our family is so happy for yours.

  5. I am SOOOO happy for you guys! I have been praying that the big CARA conference would get things moving for all of us and you are the first one!!! YEAAAAAA!!!! Can't wait to see the story unfold!

  6. I am beyond the moon excited about little brother Brice!!! I can now have some "hand me downs" set aside for your family as you have so wonderfully blessed ours! I can't stop smiling and I know that his little boy is a lucky one to be a Brice!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! This is amazing news. You surely have waited long enough to see his sweet face. When things setting down, I would love to meet! Our God is wondrous.

  8. Very exciting! Praying God continues to pave the way before you to bring your new son home!

    And the "cobbler" story is priceless - you have to be sure you keep that one! :-) So sweet that he's so excited!!!

  9. How wonderful praying your son is home soon. The wait is difficult but once they are home and tucked in their bed it is the best reward ever.
    holly Arnold:)

  10. WOW!! So thrilled for you -- after your loooonng wait, you have seen the face of your son! We love Jynger too -- she is such a treasure. :o) I am so very excited for you, and will be following along every step of the way!

  11. Oh so exciting!! I LOVE seeing all these families getting matches-OH SO HAPPY!! YAYAY!!!