Wednesday, March 12, 2014


AJ is waiting for us!

I was thinking of the book Charlotte's Web this morning. It's one of my favorite children's book, and there is a line on waiting that is quite profound to me.  

"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch."

While waiting for AJ's passport is frustrating at times, I find that it is also a rich time in our family. Everyone takes turns encouraging each other because it is an emotional roller coaster.  Lots of hugs have been given.  We have used our time much more wisely than normal.  There is the need to make sure everything is ready daily.  We have made extra effort with Brody to have good quality time with him as he will not be traveling with us.  There have also been sweet conversations with Brody as we confirm in his heart he is loved greatly, and our love for him will never change.  Brody in return has had exciting conversations with us as he plans all the things he wants to do with his brother.  All the precious words said lately have made family life rich indeed!  

When waiting we can dwell on all the negative things or we can be thankful for the positive things that are happening.  Taking a step back to put life in perspective is very important. Good is happening daily so why not enjoy it! 

*Week 5 of waiting for AJ's passport
*Passport status changed to "printing" yesterday 
*We have been told Anirudha is eager for us to come
*We are excited he knows about us 
*We have his clothes packed and ready to go


  1. Though waiting is hard, I love this part of the journey...when the idea of "IF?" is over and the idea of certainty is all ready deeply seated. Now the questions is "When?" How exciting!


  2. yay !! I am so excited for your family to finally bring your son home !!
    such an amazing life long journey. blessings