Sunday, March 30, 2014

We made it to Pune!

Before traveling on any trip, I read as much as possible about a city.  I like knowing what to expect.  This trip like most others I'm pleasantly surprised at how different the land is from my imagination. I had imagined Pune to be flat and very crowded.  I got the very crowded part right.  I enjoyed the drive to Pune and seeing the beautiful hills.  India reminds me of a combination of China and Africa.  The shop buildings along the street are very Chinese to me, but the organization and street side is African. The multitude of cars is like China, but the flow of traffic is like Africa. It's very unique and fascinating to watch.  And oh the horns!!!  There's the nonstop sounds of horns letting others know where your car is because how else is one going to let ongoing traffic know we are about to go 9 wide.  It's a lot of fun once you let go and enjoy the wild ride.  Remember those hills/mountains I mentioned earlier, imagine going through them in a tunnel at fast speeds with no headlights on in the dark.  It's an adventure!  

We made the drive to Pune this afternoon.  Everyone at the hotel has been very helpful and kind.  We've meet a few people who speak Engligh that have been so friendly to us. I loved our waiter tonight, and I'm glad we will see him a lot this week. I'm also looking forward to trying out their buffet tomorrow. I was too hungry tonight to wait until 7:00 for the buffet (and we all know that a fed Cristy is a happy Cristy).  

Today is Ryan's birthday and spending it in India is very cool.  It's a little funny how I was in the hospital getting ready to have Brody eight years ago (3 months premature), and today we are once again preparing to bring another Brice child into the family on Ryan's special day.  I'm so excited tomorrow is the big day!  We cannot wait to meet Anirudha!!! I'm down to 10 hours on the AJ countdown.  So when I wake up my US friends from giggles of joy heard around the world just smile and go back to sleep.  Have visions of the Brices happy dancing in your head! 

This the view from our hotel room.

This a pizza from our hotel restaurant. It's called the Indiana with chicken tikka, paneer tikka, bell peppers, onions, mozzarella, and coriander.

One thing my Lousianna husband thinks is really neat is all these restaurants put Tabasco sauce on the table.  


  1. I'm so thrilled for you! Have fun with your new son!!!!

  2. So great to hear that you are finally there! We did not stay up in the hills, so this is such an interesting perspective for me to see. Can't wait to hear more and see photos of your new family member!