Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday AJ!

What an honor it is to celebrate AJ's 5th birthday!

Hard to believe this little guy is five years old!!!  AJ is a happy kid full of energy and life.  He loves cars, things that play music, and Mickey Mouse.  His favorite foods are eggs, noodles, and watermelon. AJ thinks anything with a button is a good activity...we do not because that includes the stove, dishwasher, ice maker, tv remote, computer, etc.  He is very sweet and likes to share things.  AJ thinks his big brother Brody is awesome, and he now loves for Brody to pick him up and carry him around.

AJ knows his colors, alphabet, and he can count to 20.   He has learned a lot of words in English, and we have found he knows more English than he can speak.  He enjoys for friends to teach him new things like giving a thumbs up, taking a selfie with a phone, and how to sing "Bless The Lord/10,000 Reasons."  AJ likes bath time and changing his clothes.  In fact, AJ would change clothes 50 times a day if we would let him.  He loves for his hands to be clean.  His favorite place to sit is on a Cars couch from Mrs. Wendi.  AJ is very social, and he enjoys greeting and shaking hands with people.  His favorite thing to say to friends is "See you later."

Ryan and I are so proud to be his parents.  AJ has brought great joy to our family, and we feel very blessed that we are the ones who get to celebrate him today and everyday.

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