Thursday, May 15, 2014

Growing Together

Children are not the only ones who grow.  Parents, adults, can continue to grow if we allow ourselves to grow.  We may not grow in height (although weight comes very easily), but we can grow in our understanding of life.  I've grown so much lately in compassion, knowledge, and maybe a little wisdom.  Watching AJ be content with the simplest of things, makes me realize how much unnecessary junk I have.  Hearing AJ's laughs of pure delight, makes me realize I don't laugh enough in life.  Holding AJ when he gets hurt or is sad, or just needs a snuggle, makes me realize how much more love I have to give.  Seeing AJ experience something for the first time, makes me realize how much joy and beauty I take for granted.  I have been told by so many people how blessed AJ is to have us as parents, but that is just not true.  It's the other way around.  He has blessed us in so many ways.  And Brody too!  Watching Brody give of himself, give of his time, give of his things, and give, give, give to his little brother shows great love.

This growth is awesome!  This growth also comes with growing pains.  It's not always easy.  Sometimes after a meltdown with AJ or just a moment I started to lose my patience, I can look back and see how if I would have taken a different approach things would have gone smoother.  I can put my pride aside and acknowledge I can do things better the next time.  I've learned it's ok to teach/train AJ in different ways from how I taught Brody in order to get the same result.  And it's also ok when the ending result is different...after all each little heart is so very different.  I think the difference between a good parent and a great parent is the willingness, the humbleness, to say the way I just did this could be done better.  I've got a long, long way to reach great parent status, but I'm willing to set out on that journey.  I just want to encourage others that growth requires adjustments.

Today's pictures are of our garden and AJ's first time to touch and feel the rain with his Uncle Corky and Aunt Tanya.

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