Friday, January 16, 2015

9 Months Home

Today marks 9 months of AJ being home from India! 
It's been a wild ride!!!
Wild and crazy and beautiful and messy and awesome is this journey.

Today's update will be from questions I have been asked lately.

What does AJ like to do?
MICKEY MOUSE! He loves all things Mickey. Family and friends supported Disney greatly during Christmas because all of AJ's presents had The Mouse on it. He has also recently started to watch Little Einsteins. There is so much music in that show, and AJ loves music. Another activity AJ likes to do is take pictures of himself on any phone he can get his hands on...even strangers' phones. We have the conversation often of not taking over people's phones. It's hard to be the King of Selfies!

How is his language? 
There is progress, but his language is still developmentally delayed. AJ tries to say sentences now. Sentences come out a little jumbled at times, but he is making effort to communicate. You know how some adoption books say there is a Language Explosion at six months...I'm still waiting on that explosion. On a positive note, AJ understands us very well!

How is his sleeping? 
AJ is a great sleeper! He stays in his bed all night, and he takes an afternoon nap. There is still some rocking while falling asleep, but it is a much more gentler rocking than nine months ago. AJ is very particular about playing the same lullaby cd every night. Music is calming to him.

Is AJ a good eater?
Yes and no. It always depends on the day. Some days he is a great eater while other days he can be a picky eater. AJ is holding a spoon and fork better. He has also learned his parents will make him stay seated during meal time (this is one of his biggest accomplishments).

Has it been an easy transition?
Bringing an independent five year old into any family is going to be challenging. It takes lots of patience. Some days I feel like I have no more patience, and it's only lunch time. The Lord provides everything we need so there is always more patience. You have to make a top 10 list of things to work on, and then work with 1 goal at a time. Our oldest son Brody will ask sometimes why we let AJ do something, and we tell him that we must pick our battles with AJ. It's too overwhelming to work on several behaviors at a time. AJ does have a sweet, gentle heart. One of my favorite things about him is how he tries to comfort those around him. He gets very concerned if he sees someone crying. He brings a new comfort into our family.  I think AJ has adjusted very well for the short amount of time he has been home. He is silly and all about having a good time which brings a lot of fun into our family.

What are his favorite books/songs?
Books- Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, Going on a Bear Hunt, and Baby
Songs- 10,000 Reasons, Jesus Loves Me, and Come and Get Your Love (Guardians of the Galaxy Sound Track)

Has AJ grown lately?
YES! Whoo hoo!!! He is 41 inches tall, and he weighs 33 pounds. He is a very active little boy so gaining weight is awesome.

What did AJ think about the holidays?
AJ had a blast at Christmas! He was very humble in receiving presents, and it was a joy for all of us to watch him. He would sweetly ask, "AJ's???" This was our family's best Christmas ever! Seeing both of my boys excited and happy was the greatest gift. Spending time with grandparents was a big treat for him. New Year's Eve was also a hit for AJ. Baby Boy loves fireworks! He cheers for every "boom." The holidays all include great desserts, and AJ has a major sweet tooth. We love how he still calls dessert "Happy Birthday."

It been a good nine months, and it just keeps getting better!

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