Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 6 with AJ

Am I rubbing off on AJ yet?!?!

AJ has been a hoot today.  Oh how he makes us smile!  He has liked playing copycat.  We have been able to teach him several new words since he was so eager to play copycat.  He learned to name body parts and to say different greetings to people.  Even Brody got him to say a few names by showing him pictures on the wall during FaceTime.

We worked on potty training all afternoon.  He was only partially trained.  After five days, we figured out his bodily functions schedule.  This afternoon was a complete success thanks to Oreos.  I'm thankful this was just an activity he was curious about and wanted to do.

We went to an instant photo shop to get his visa pictures made.  I got tickled after the photo was made and the man said it would be 30 thirty minutes.  Ryan asked, "isn't it supposed to be instant?"  The man replied, "30 minutes is instant in India."  Best line of the day!  Glad there was a wait because it gave us some time to talk.  Like most people he asked questions about Anirudha because obliviously he is Indian and we are not.  We shared about his adoption, and the man was very pleased to hear the story. The man asked Ryan what he does, and Ryan explained he is a pastor.  For better or worse, we answer questions openly and honestly here.  We know our answers might not be taken well, but we also know that opportunities to share the gospel will be missed if we don't.  Surprisingly this man excitingly says, "You believe in Jesus?  Me too!"  It was a nice conversation we had thanks to the not so instant photos.

Our adoption here really has been well received.  I think a lot of that has to do with Anirudha being older and not a baby.  When we first got to the hotel a week ago, we were open about the reason we came to Pune was to adopt our son.  We got puzzled looks of why would you want to adopt. Then on Monday after meeting Anirudha we showed pictures of him and the hotel people smiled. By Tuesday they were asking questions and wondering when he would come to the hotel.  Wednesday excitement began to build.  Thursday many of the staff was waiting at the door when we walked in to meet him.  They gave a present to him in the lobby and had cake waiting in our room.  The chefs made a special treat for him. Everyone at the hotel has been very curious and kind to our precious boy.  Today Anirudha was going around shaking hands, saying hello, saying Namaste with a bow, and just being plain cute. I can see how the idea of adoption changed this week with several people.   Like with the reason I write this blog, I hope we plant a seed in someone's heart to adopt or to get involved in orphan care.  Millions of orphans all over the world who are just waiting for someone to love them.  

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  1. awww...he is melting hearts. So beautiful.