Friday, April 11, 2014

Signed, Sealed, and Almost Delivered

Hague Adoption Certificate 

We had a successful trip to the US Embassy.  AJ got his visa for his passport, and we got the sealed envelope of important papers to turn into immigration.  This completes the last of the papers we need in India. Praise The Lord!  It feels so good that it's all done on this side.  We will chill out over the weekend and do a little sight seeing.

AJ calls me mommy when asked who I am or seeing pictures of me. If  he is wanting something, my name becomes a repeated maaaaMA, maaaaMA, maaaaMA, maaaaMA!  He is very persistent with my name until I have done what he wants.  It's cute!

Our little Indian boy sure does like Chinese food.  He especially likes noodles.  Some foods he will play around with, but he will stuff noodles in his mouth as fast as he can.  AJ thinks fried rice and spring rolls are pretty great too.  I got tired of Indian food earlier this week and switched to Chinese and French fries which AJ decided he needed to try as well.  Don't worry folks he is still getting Indian food the other two meals.  I'm just thankful he is enjoying trying new foods.

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