Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mr. Big Personality

It's been a fun day getting to know AJ.  It's also been long and tiring but a good tired.  We don't just have one child wanting us to pick him up and play, we have about 30 kids always wanting to play. We've lost count how many children we've held, and it is an honor to hold and hug each one.  They all deserve mommies and papas to love on them each day.  They are beautiful and precious and I want to have them all!  Really I do want to be a mother to all of them.  Well maybe not that one child who wiped a booger on me today, but I could teach him to use a tissue.  Seriously, I see all their beautiful faces and personalities and cannot understand why they are still at the orphanage.  They are wonderful, and I silently pray with each hug that someone will see their value.

Our AJ is very wonderful. Oh how we love him greatly!  He makes me smile.  He also makes me sad when I see him struggle emotionally. I would like to say adoption is all rainbows and kittens, but it also has heartache and grief. We've got a long road ahead of us, but we are not afraid of it one bit. It's going to be hard.  There will be many tears shed by all of our family because this is not easy.  But love conquers all!  Love changes everything!

You're probably wondering what AJ's personality is like so I'll tell you what we've learned so far.

- He is a big ball of energy.
- He's everywhere! I'm shocked at how swiftly he smooths.
- He's everywhere!! There is no lock or gate that he cannot open.
- And in case you didn't understand, he's everywhere!!!  I love this kid!
    Example- when asking which bed is AJ's this was the reply, "well....well this is Anirudh's room.  Everyone has a spot, but he sleeps in any bed he likes." Keep in mind there are 30 kids in that one room.

- He loves cars.  He enjoys watching out the window at the cars. AJ is very fascinated by cars, and the poor little guy is going to be disappointed when he gets home because he is banking on seeing my silver SUV that was in the pictures we submitted four years ago. Anyone got a translation for that?
- He likes to spin. He also likes knowing when you are going to move...no surprises.
- He likes sunglasses (thanks Amelia for the little blue pair in the bags of clothes).
    We've played our own version of peek a boo with sunglasses-great for making eye contact.
- He is determined and doesn't change his mind easily. It's kind of like the three year old stage of 'I do it."
- He likes cameras.  Maybe he'll grow up to be like his mama who always has a camera. AJ does not care to stand still to have his picture made.
- He likes letting the other children know "my mommy" and "my papa."
- He shares very well.
- He loves the toy cricket bat.  It's cute watching him lug it everywhere.
- He likes to eat sweet things.
- He is calmer outside.
- He is very curious.  He likes to know what everyone is doing.
- He has a cute little giggle.
- He has a BIG personality. Mr. Helper likes being in charge!  :)

Well, that's all I got today so I'll get to what you're really wanting- pictures!

You will see this tree in other pictures.  It's all one tree.  It's very unique how it grows roots into the ground from the upper limbs.  I will have to research it to find out what kind of tree it is.

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  1. He sounds perfect! It also sounds like he may have a few sensory issues (which is usually the case for kids who've grown up in an orphanage). If you haven't read The Out of Sync Child, you might check it out. It's so helpful. He sure is a cutie! Bless you!