Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

It was a great weekend, and it feels so good to be all together.  The boys are really enjoying each other.  Sure there are moments where Brody gets a little frustrated at AJ for being loud during his video, but that's all part of learning to be patient with your family.  Overall Brody thinks having a brother is very awesome!
Ryan's Dad aka Pops flew in Friday night.  The boys were already asleep when he got in so Saturday morning was meeting AJ Day.  AJ went right to Pops and had his morning milk sitting in Pops lap. We celebrated Easter a day early since Nanny and Pops would be leaving early on Easter morning.  The boys loved their baskets.  AJ was excited about getting a Mickey Mouse.  He's been dragging Mickey all over the house.  At Easter Dinner, AJ liked deviled eggs, mash potatoes, peas, and watermelon.  On Sunday we said our goodbyes to the grandparents which made both boys sad.  Then we went to church.  AJ seemed to enjoy meeting new people, and he made it through 2/3 of the service.  I say success!  That afternoon we did one of my favorite activities, a Sunday afternoon nap!

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  1. congratulations on bringing your son home and on beginning your new life together! it must be surreal, after all those years, to now actually have him with you. just recently read the posts of your trip to india and noticed your son was at the same orphanage of the little girl i have been matched with on the carings website. i have heard lots of good things about them. i still have a lot of waiting to do, but do you have any advice or is there anything you think that would be helpful for me to know to help me prepare? did you stay at a hotel near the orphanage? what is the primary language spoken to the kids? thanks for sharing your experiences and photos through your blog. all the best to your family! if you don't mind taking the time and if u prefer to respond via email. my address is