Thursday, April 10, 2014

Embassy Appointment

AJ giving kisses to mirror AJ.

I didn't take pictures today as there are no cameras allowed at the US embassy.  Getting to the embassy was so easy this morning.  It's Election Day in India, and almost everything is closed.  It was the eeriest feeling riding along with very little traffic.  There was a crowd outside the embassy of people trying to get visas so they can travel to America.  I was thankful not to be in that line.  Once inside we turned in all of our paperwork.  The interview was short with only a few questions. We will go back tomorrow to pick up his passport with visa and a sealed envelope to give to the US government at customs once we land at the airport next week.  AJ will become a US citizen then.  We got asked about his full name today which was a first in all the paperwork.  We proudly told them we were keeping Anirudha as his first name, and his middle name is James.  James is a family name after Ryan's grandmother.  We hope his Social Secruity card will come with his full name on it since we gave it in this paperwork.  All in all it was an easy process this morning.  We will let out a big sigh of relief once we have it all in our hands tomorrow.  This is the last thing we have to do in India.  I wished we were getting to fly home tomorrow, but we allowed for an extra business day in case we didn't get his paperwork the next day.  So we will leave on Monday night.  I'm ready to be home.  India is great, but I want Brody, my bed, Community Coffee, and I want to wear my jeans.

AJ tried Chocolate Milk at supper, and of course he loved it!  

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