Monday, April 7, 2014

Medical Appointment and Krispy Kreme

We've made it to New Dehli!  AJ did fine on the flight until the very end.  I think he would much rather watch planes than fly on them.  This flight kind of made me homesick because getting on a plane should equal going home.  Regardless of how my heart is ready for home and Brody, we shall trudge on thru this week.

AJ had his medical appointment this morning.  I think we had the same doctor we saw on the show Little Couple.  He noticed AJ's delay in speech first thing.  It wasn't until the past year that AJ started progressing in life so we expect delays.  He has very little foundation of his language, but he seems to be picking up English quickly with us.  AJ is 38 1/4 inches tall and 29 pounds (he will be five years old in May).  That's a pound more than when he was weighed in February- Whoo hoo!!! He has a great appetite, and I see no problem with him gaining weight in the future. They gave him a TB test which he was not happy about.  We will go back in 48 hours, Wednesday, to have it read.

We went to the mall by our hotel for lunch.  I ate Chinese, and my guys ate Indian.  After lunch we spotted a Krispy Kreme and could not resist.  Oh sweet joy!  It was delicious.  It was a piece of home I was longing for.  AJ thought it was grand because it is.  He thought the hat was great too!

This hotel is ok, but we miss our last hotel.  We miss the people of our last hotel.  At least we have two huge malls connected to each other that we can walk to to cheer us up! Haha. There are many food options to choose from there. We eat, go back to the hotel and wait until it's mealtime again.  One more week...


  1. He's beautiful & precious. ♥ Praying for you all. Heidi Lee

  2. It's wonderful to see and experience your child's homeland, but there does come a point when you are absolutely aching to be HOME. Praying for your last week there.