Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home From India

The Red Fort

Sitting here in AJ's room watching the little prince sleep, and I feel blessed!  Our first day home could not have gone any better.  He is such a happy kid!  He loves to eat, he loves to play, and he loves his big brother Brody!  Brody said this morning, "I'm so glad not to be an only child anymore." This mama's heart is just filled with thankfulness.

It's the early, early hours of morning so I won't write long in hopes of getting back to sleep, but I wanted to post a few pictures of arriving at the airport.  It was such a special moment!  Coming down the escalator to see friends and family who have encouraged us on this long adoption journey was one of the most meaningful things to me.  Knowing Brody's heart for celebrations, I could see he was delighted to have these special people there to celebrate with him.  He dropped his welcome home sign and came running towards us.  Finally our family of four was all together.  AJ was smiling ear to ear.  It was the moment I have always dreamed of.  Wearing his "Millions of orphans minus me" shirt from Christina, he could not have been any cuter.  AJ recognized Brody and Nanny immediately because we have been Facetiming daily.  He smiled, said hello, and shook hands with all of our special special friends.  Thank you Christina, Stephen, Angela, Kristina, Amy, Beverly, and Katelyn for taking the time to be there.  The fun didn't stop at the airport because waiting on the front porch were welcome home balloons from Nanny and Pops and my dear friend Heather sitting with her boys to welcome us home.  Oh happy day indeed!

Thanks to friends and family for the calls, texts, and Facebook messages to welcome AJ home!
Thanks to my best friends Julie and Kerri for having packages for AJ waiting.
Thanks friends for the gift cards that helped get things like clothes AJ needs.
Thanks to those who helped us financially travel.
Thanks for the prayers the past 19 days of traveling and past 4 years.
Thanks for the frozen meals that were put into my freezer.
 We feel very loved!

We started this blog four years ago, and Ryan named it Home From India.  That name has finally come to pass as our child is at last Home From India.  With this praise we give our upmost thanks to God who gave us a passion for orphans, gave us the courage to start the adoption, gave us provision with every bill being met at just the right time, gave us the patience to endure these years, and gave us the son we prayed for.   Our God is good!  Our God is faithful!  Our God is an Overcomer!  Our God is a provider!  Our God sets the lonely in families!  Our God is always on time!  Our God is to be praised!  And The Brice Family praises Him today and everyday!  Thank you, thank you Heavenly Father who has adopted us into His family!


  1. What a beautiful celebration of your son, your obedience, and our loving Father!